Business Planning

Your business needs will change throughout your journey. Your priorities in
relation to your business financial plan will change accordingly.
Corporate Advice is one of the most important parts of running a business, whether it is a large multinational corporation or a small business entering the market. It is easy to put provisions in place, but without careful consideration of the potential pitfalls major issues can arise.


In the early days, protecting your business and your key personnel while the business gets up and running is vital. With careful planning you can protect against the unexpected pitfalls, both cost efficiently and also tax efficiently. The following cover forms part of this protection.

  • Shareholder protection
  • Key Person cover
  • Salary protection for key staff

As your business grows, other issues come to the forefront, such as how to invest the company profits in consideration of accessibility, taxation, and close company surcharges.

Your exit strategy. By planning in advance when business is good, agreements and funding can be put in place to ensure a smooth exit as tax efficiently as possible.

Pension planning can form a significant factor in the transfer of company profits to yourself.

Increasingly Corporate Investment vis a vis money on deposit at zero to very low interest rates is becoming more common and advice is also provided in this area.

Staffing needs and protection for staff is something we also provide advice on.


The exit strategy.

We can assist with the exit strategy and this can include a savings plan over a number of years to provide the company with the facility to purchase shares from a shareholder exiting the business. Or indeed assisting with the company with financing for this.

Pension funds and retirement planning can often be key components in planning for your exit from the company.

We operate advice in this area and we work closely with other professionals and colleagues who complement this service, such as retirement relief and entrepreneurial relief.

Planning for these events is key to a smooth financial plan overall.

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